Normandy Running Festival, a tribute to history


Les Courants de la Liberté, Normandy Running Festival is a run event which was created in 1988 in order to pay tribute to the D-Day Landings events, with running courses through the main landings places, such as Juno and Sword Beach, Pegasus Bridge, Ouistreham Casino,…).

2019, a historic edition


In 2019, les Courants de la Liberté will take place as part of the 75th anniversary of d-day and the battle of Normandy the week after june 6, from june 14 to 16 2019. The event is the perfect example thanks to running courses of the tribute to history and a great reflection of our region Normandy. To learn more about the program of the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of the D-Day, click here.

 Program of this popular sporting events in tribute to D-Day : a unique range of events for all and all to participate according to their level of skill and their desires.

There is a race for everyone, steeped in history and full of emotions: